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Cabarete is a town in the Puerto Plato province of the Dominican Republic, on the northern shores of the island and just a short drive from the airport. It is very heavily geared towards windsurfing and kitesurfing and offers everyone from beginner to the pro something to enjoy. It was originally a village that was founded in 1835 by a family that had emigrated from Florida, and today is still classed as a village with a population of around 35,000. It also proudly has hosted the PKRA every year for the last few years. Non-kiting partners will be happy here also as there is a wide range of activities to choose from. The unique atmosphere is fuelled by the Caribbean nightlife with music and cocktails helping you to dance the night away.

We think Cabarete is one of those beautiful places that has it all. Not only do you have amazing conditions for kiting and windsurfing- you are usually able to be in the water by 11am or you can wait until a little later in the day when the thermal winds kick in- but it also offers great places to stay and to eat. There are lots of lovely, local restaurants specialising mainly in fish (as you would expect!) and a host of bars. Watch out for the power hour though- its usually three drinks for the price of one and the 70% proof Cuba Libres can have an impact on your next days kiting!

Cabarete has gorgeous beaches which go on for as far as the eye can see and palm trees moving in the wind with lovely, warm temperatures – no wonder this place is one of our personal favourites. You can go exploring very easily, as it is really simple to get around and very inexpensive using the local taxis. There is a wealth of other things to do here as well, and is particularly its good for kids as there are a number of kids clubs associated with our carefully chosen accommodation.
All in all, a great destination for anyone looking for a fantastic value holiday in a very cost effective part of the Caribbean.

El Magnifico Apartments
Distance to Beach :
5 mins
Distance to Centre :
5 mins
Room Basis :
Room Only
Rating :
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Spacious apartments located right on the beach front and offer well thought out accommodation making the most of the fantastic views of the beach. It is stylish and modern and is divided into six, three storey apartment blocks.
Complex Features :
Swimming Pool
Magnificent gardens
Daily housekeeping service
Close to kite centre
Room Features :
Air conditioning
En suite facilities
Satellite TV
Balconies or terraces
Contemporary design
Villa Taina
Distance to Beach :
On site
Distance to Centre :
5 mins
Room Basis :
Half Board
Rating :
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A lovely, family run hotel nestled right on the beach. Arranged over 3 floors, this property would be classed as a “boutique” hotel and as mentioned has a fantastic location. Its close to everything you could want with restaurants - try the prawns and lobster at Papis, the strip and of course kiting.
Complex Features :
Swimming pool
Beach bar and lounge
Fitness club
Room Features :
Air conditioned
Satellite TV and phone
Minibar/refrigerator avaialble
Ensuite facilities with shower and hairdryer
Safes avaialble
Balcony or terrace

The Spot & Conditions

The wind starts at around 11am and blows fairly consistently all day. At around 2ish the thermal winds start kicking in, making it a place that can be enjoyed all day. The wind direction changes throughout the year, with May to October being sideshore and the rest of the year more off-shore. It has good conditions for both beginners and pro’s alike due to the reef that protects the bay, giving flat water inshore and waves further out. There are two clear boundaries on the beach- one for kiters and one for windsurfers. The reef sits 2-3m below the surface of the water and so is safe enough to enjoy with great waves for jumping! There are other kite spots too - take a trip east or upwind and you’ll find La Policia is just upwind of the windsurfing zone and is the perfect playground for advanced kiters. Bozo beach is situated downwind in Cabarete’s main bay with a cross onshore wind and flat to choppy water conditions. Bozo is suitable for all levels, and the more advanced travel out 800m to the reef. The wind in Cabarete is fairly consistent throughout the year and offers mild, warm weather most of the time. The average temperature in the summer is around 32 C in the day and 22 C in the evening- the winter is only mildly cooler, with the average temperature just a couple of degrees below the summer.

The Centre

Our fully equipped kite centre offers rescue, lessons storage & beach assistance to get you up and riding with minimal fuss whatever your level. The kitesurf centre is located in the middle of the bay and just a short walk from the majority of hotels and apartments, its about 5 mins along the sandy beach.  The team here are fnatastic and also offer private tuition and video analysis.

10 Hour Beginner Course

The course for beginners, starting with safety & kit set up then kite flying skills and body dragging. You will be tackling waterstarts before you know it. 4 students per instructor.


6 Hour Semi-private Course

Semi private tuition to take you to the next level or to regain your sea legs, this is the course for you.


2 Hour Private Tuition, excluding kit

One to one instruction lets the instructor concentrate 100% on your technique whether its raillies or kite loops you want to learn.


7 day Equipment Rental


14 day Equipment Rental


7 day Equipment Storage and Rescue Cover


14 day Equipment Storage and Rescue Cover

If you are in a group with non-kiters, or you happen to get a lull day then there are a host of other activities that will keep you busy. You can go horse riding, kayaking or walking in the mountains or you can just chill on the beach with a good book, pausing long enough to have a few drinks and some great food in one of the many bars that line the beach front. There is also scuba diving or snorkeling available, and of course sight seeing. This country has a host of colonial buildings that have historic interest and are well worth a view. You can also go mountain biking, wakeboarding, surfing or even enjoy a moonlight boat ride down the Yasica river. There really is something for everyone here to keep most people happy!
  • Solos
  • Familes
  • Nightlife
  • Horse Riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Diving
  • SUP
  • Snorkelling
  • Boat
  • Quad Bikes
  • Fishing
  • Surfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Downwinders
  • Eating Out